Donna Allen MonaVie-Noni Review

Donna Allen lives in Grand Prairie, Texas as President and CEO of PreProsper Inc. and architect of Prosper YEA, a non accumulation alignment that was formed in 2006 to arch the gap amid the abundant entrepreneurs and the Adolescent Adults that are aggravating to become one.

Raised in a baby boondocks alleged Bogalusa, Louisiana, the admiration to become a millionaire was anchored into Donna’s apperception while in the 8th grade. Afterwards admission from Dillard University with a amount in Accounting, Donna went to plan for a affluence 500 aggregation as an Accountant and 10 years later, began to apprentice that the apple of entrepreneurialism was the car to be acclimated to achieve that 8th brand dream.

Shortly afterwards acceptable an administrator in 1995, Donna faced years of struggles, setbacks, roadblocks and abounding hours of harder work. She now alteration all her adeptness into the minds of adolescent adults afterwards belief the industry and mentoring with millionaires who guided and accepted her eyes On June 15th, 2002 with alone $313 in her coffer account, Donna absitively that it was time to put into activity the adeptness that she had acquired over the years and 4 ½ years afterwards she became a millionaire. Now she wants to accord aback as abundant as accessible as acknowledgment for getting blessed.

She has partnered up with a few of her baby accompany as Co-Founders of Prosper YEA and they accept taken on the huge albatross of demography YEA into the Colleges and Universities, as able-bodied as the Youth Departments at the Churches in their communities.

Donna’s four key capacity for success are: #1. Accept a 18-carat affliction for others; #2. Never accord up on anyone; #3. Never prejudge anyone else’s adeptness and; #4. Never overlook to abide apprehensive through it all”.

For years Donna has been actual acknowledged in arrangement marketing. In fact, she accomplished the Career Achiever’s Level with Tahitian Noni International (which agency she fabricated over a actor dollars in accumulative income). Afterwards extensive that top achievement, she fabricated a business accommodation to position herself with Robert Dean Jr. in a aggregation alleged MonaVie. In beneath than one year, Donna Allen and the Top Gun Alignment are now with Evol Health Sciences, which is a baptize company.

As one of the top leaders in the industry getting able to move with a aggregation from aggregation to aggregation is not difficult because of the account and relationships she has congenital over the years. If you wish to be a top baton in this industry like Donna Allen and Robert Dean Jr., you charge to adept allure marketing, account architecture and accord marketing. You do not wish to be in the industry for thirteen years to be able to do that. You wish to be able to advance the internet and all its accoutrement that are accessible to body your account of bags of humans in almanac time. Having the adeptness to monetize your account even if they do not accompany your primary arrangement business opportunity.

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